A Complete Guide to PPC Ad Targeting Options


A Complete Guide to PPC Ad Targeting Options

Here's a walk through of ad targeting options for search, display, and remarketing campaigns and how they can be used to engage with potential customers.

Amazon FBA PPC Strategy in 2022 (Manual Targeting)

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YouTube Advertising Targeting for 2022 – Best Practices to Drive Conversions

Learn everything you need to know about the different YouTube Advertising targeting options. I will cover everything including Remarketing audiences, custom audience segments, in-market audiences, life events, demographic targeting, content targeting, and more.

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Some of the different audiences include:

– Who they are (Detailed demographics)
– What their interests and habits are (Affinity)
– What they are actively researching or planning (In-market and life events)
– How they have interacted with your business (Your data and similar segments)
– Your combined audience segments (Combined segments)
– Your custom audience segments (Custom segments)

Google Ads Audience Targeting for Search Campaigns 2022

Discover how to target audiences for search campaigns in Google Ads. I go over the difference between Observation and Targeting when it comes to search campaigns along with best practices for targeting audiences. You can optimize and improve your Google Ads search campaigns by observing audiences and using bid adjustments. In addition, you can exclude audiences from your search campaigns as well.

Google Display Network Targeting – Complete Guide To Targeting Options For Google Display Ads

When you are creating and managing Google Display Network Ads campaigns, your Google Display Targeting is very important for your success. Whether you are trying to drive conversions, brand awareness, or both, there are different audiences and content you can target with your advertisements. Ultimately, you want to reach the audiences that are interested in your products and/or services and you want to reach them at the right times as they browse certain websites, certain videos, certain YouTube channels, and mobile Apps as well.

When you are creating your Google Display Ads campaign, you have the option to target different types of audiences. You can create your own Remarketing/Retargeting audiences using your website, your YouTube channel, your mobile App, and other sources as well. In addition, you can target Similar Audiences, which are created based on your Remarketing audiences. Next, there are In-Market audiences, Custom Intent audiences, Life Event audiences, Affinity Audiences, Custom Affinity Audiences, and Demographics. You can create your own audiences by going directly to the Google Ads Audience Manager as well.

Google Display Ads Audience Targeting Options:

– Remarketing
– Similar Audiences
– In-Market Audiences
– Custom Intent Audiences
– Life Events
– Affinity Audiences
– Custom Affinity Audiences
– Detailed Demographics
– Demographics

Google Display Ads Demographic Targeting Options:

– Gender
– Age
– Parental Status
– Household Income
– Marital Status
– Education
– Homeownership Status

Google Display Network Content Targeting Options:

– Website Placements
– YouTube Placements
– App Placements
– Topic Targeting
Keyword Contextual