Content With Purpose: How to Set Goals for Every Content Piece You Create


Content With Purpose: How to Set Goals for Every Content Piece You Create

Guilty of producing content for the sake of it? Learn how to create content with a purpose and improve your content's overall performance.

Content Strategy Series P5 – How to set content goals – Episode 29

Join Susan Diaz, Content Strategist, as she explains the difference between setting goals and getting clear on context, why the order matters and how it can help you create amazing content.




The question around goals is often one of the first things discussed in any intake exercise with a strategy professional. But I call bullshit on that order.

As much as goal setting is of extreme importance, it’s rarely the first thing that you will do unless you’re running a campaign. For a more holistic content strategy, before you set goals, you need context.

Think of it like training for a marathon. Before you set goals for yourself as a runner, you would ask yourself a number of questions. Maybe:

Who else is running?
What kind of conditions you’ll have when you’re running?
What access you have to professionals and gear?
What shape you’ve been in recently?
And what strengths you’d like to leverage?

Once you have all of that information, you would set yourself a goal. Perhaps it is that you’d like to improve your finish time by 10%. Or maybe it is that you want to place in the top 10 runners.

See? First context, then goals.

Before we start to set the goals, let’s make some differentiations. What is the difference between a goal and an objective? To my mind, a goal is a more over arching direction that you’re heading in. And the objectives are the milestones of the actual things that you would need to do to help you get there.

So here is my formula to help you set a goal:
Ask yourself:

What over arching thing will I do?
By when will I do it?
And what results will it get me?

For example, I will increase my subscriber base, this year, to get 10% more revenue. Within that, you could have an objective like: Build an opt-in for my website to get 500 new subscribers, in the first quarter.

Simply put, the tactics that you use will each be supported by an objective. Make sure to use the same formula to get to your objectives that you did to get to your goal. If you superimpose this on a smart formula to make sure that you are on track, give yourself 500 brownie points. That is the actual process that I use.

Again, different level of detail for different levels of need, but that’s the process. Go ahead and steal it. It’s yours.

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Content Marketing Minute: How to Set Content Marketing Goals

What are your content marketing goals?

As the director of content strategy for Contently, this is a question I ask marketers every week. There’s often a long pause on the conference line, followed by something like, “Well, we were hoping you’d tell us that.”

While I can’t tell them what their goals should be off the bat, I can certainly help them get there.

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Rules for Achieving Your Goals: Tips for Setting and Attaining Your Objectives”

Rule 1: Goals should be both broad and specific. Combining broad, healthy goals with specific targets helps guide your progress and protect against unintended consequences.
Rule 2: Goals should follow the SMART formula: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound. This ensures that your goals are clear, attainable, and have a defined timeline.
Rule 3: Break down your goals into smaller, actionable tasks. This makes them more manageable and easier to achieve.
Rule 4: Regularly review and adjust your goals as needed. This helps ensure that you are on track to achieve them and can make necessary changes to reach your desired outcomes.
Rule 5: Maintain a healthy balance in achieving your goals. Don’t sacrifice your well-being or relationships in pursuit of success.
Rule 6: Overcome common obstacles to achieving your goals, such as the sunk cost fallacy.

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