Rules for Guest Contributors


Rules for Guest Contributors

Contributors are invited to write on a recurring publishing date (either monthly, every other month, or quarterly). (Note: No writing slots are currently available.)

Guest Authors Tyeisha Brewer and the Authors of Perfection Doesn’t Exist

Authors, Dr. Lynnette Powell, Dr. Shirley Bryant, Coach Carlotta Pace LSW, Mesha Thorton, Queen Cole, and RaeShonda Thorton are joining me at the Book Talks With Sandy Virtual Table for a conversation about their anthology book project Perfection Doesn’t Exist ..Fighting the Good Fight of Faith.

Supreme Court Rules to Keep Title 42 in Place

The US Supreme Court rules 5-4 to keep the Title 42 border restrictions in place. Republican state officials had argued that lifting the rules would have produced an unmanageable surge of migrants. Bloomberg contributors Rick Davis and Jeanne Sheehan Zaino discuss on “Balance of Power.”

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6 Common Guest Blogging Mistakes

Guest blogging provides a variety of awesome benefits: it can do wonders for your SEO, be a great way to get exposed to a brand new audience, help you improve your thought leadership, and better establish you as an expert in your industry.
As with anything technical there are many mistakes that potential guest bloggers make when strategizing, pitching, and writing guest blog posts.
Here are 6 of the top mistakes made by guest bloggers.
If you know of other mistakes please post them in a comment.

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1) Having NO Strategy
Guest blogging should be strategic.
Before you start trying to ramp up your guest blogging efforts, make sure you come up with a strategy that supports your goals for guest blogging.
Your goal may be to get backlinks, or to improve brand visibility or to promote your skills as a writer. Each of these goals will have a different strategy when it comes to writing a great guest blog post.
2) Targeting the Wrong Blogs

Once you’ve chosen your guest blogging strategy, you can then identify the right blogs to target.
This will involve a bit of research.
For example, if your strategy involves improving your search engine rankings for particular keywords, your strategy should involve creating content around those keywords and targeting blogs that will cover that topic on their blog.

3) Addressing Your Email to “Blog Manager”
As a blog manager, receiving an email that is addressed to “blog manager” instead of my actual name shows carelessness and is destined for the trash bin.
Do your homework. Check the blog’s contact page (if there is one) to determine who the blog manager is, or research published authors to identify appropriate email addresses.
4) Grammatical/Spelling Errors in the Pitch
If you can’t even craft a professional sounding and grammatically correct pitch about the blog post you want published, why should the blog manager think your blog post will be any better?
Spend time on your pitches. Proofread them.
5) Ignoring Guest Blogging Guidelines
Blog managers will rarely spend time with guest contributors helping them perfect their posts, so it’s the near-flawless contributions that usually make the final cut.
If you’ve gotten the go-ahead from a blog manager to draft a post based on your topic suggestion, make sure you strictly follow any guest blogging guidelines they’ve published or provided.
6) Provide Quality Posts
The articles you write for external blogs should be of the highest quality.
You need to both impress the blog manager enough to publish it, and capture the attention of the new audience you’re exposed to so they’ll want to check out your own website/blog.
Make sure the quality of your contribution is on par with the quality of other content on that blog.

How to Become a Guest Contributor | Otter PR

Becoming a guest contributor for a publication is an extremely powerful way for thought leaders to build their credibility. Being published in a national, specialist, or trade publication in your area of expertise is a great way to show people that you are an authority on a subject.

Not only does it help with your exposure, but it can help you find new client leads, network with like-minded people, and become a reputable figure in the industry. We’ve outlined everything you need to know about what it means to be a guest contributor, why it matters, and how to do it.

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